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Stories and Thoughts From the Farm

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 16, 2012   One Step at a Time

There is so much beauty in the world. Here is a view on one of my walks in our woods.  It was 24 degrees that day.  The sun is setting, I love how it casts the most lovely blue color on the snow.  I challenge myself each afternoon to take this hike before supper.  I save this simple pleasure until almost the end of the daylight.  Every time I make this hike around the property I feel stronger for more reasons than one (long story).  If for some reason the walk doesn't happen I feel like something is missing.

When no other family member wants to join me (which is often lately in these temperatures) at least I always have Cloe.  She is my friend, a faithful pit bull dog owned by my daughter. She is about as happy as I am to get out in nature no matter what the temperature.  If I stop at the house where she lives and don't go hiking she gets so excited that she hits whatever is in her way with her wagging tail. 

Just like a good habit we can easily develop bad habits especially when we are home so much these days.  Believe me, I love a good meal.  It makes me happy.  About once a week my husband asks for strawberry shortcake.  Do I make it?  Sure thing - yum!  Balance is the key.  He has to join me on the hike that day and we have a salad meal or vegetable soup prior to our treat.  

Lately I try to keep mindfulness a big part of my life. Remember food makes me happy,  so do other things.  The important thing is to keep those other things in the forefront.  For me it might be a yoga class on You tube,  the softness of my rabbit, Kiwi or having an organized house (something I never quite attained before).  Find the beauty in your life.  It might be one step at a time. 

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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

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